API Foundations


Welcome to the PayJinn API Foundation documentation. All of the PayJinn APIs are developed to provide easy integration for our customers. Topics like registration, authentication, security, data formats and error handling are covered in this section.


In order to use this any of our APIs, you must first register a new PayJinn user either as a Partner/Developer (Entwickler) or Supplier (Haendler, Verkaeufer).

After successfull registration, please login to system and go to dashboard. From dashboard go to API Operations menu. First of all we have to acquire some basic information about you or your company. This information will go through an API client approval process during which our business team may get in touch with you if needed. In parallel to this process, we will send you an information email about your PayJinn Client Id and API key. Your API credentials will become operational after your API client is approved.

You can always renew your API Key periodically or in case of compromise. In order to do so please find Renew API Key form under API Operations menu at the dashboard.

Data Formats

“Application/json” is the default request and response representation for all Payjinn API's.


HTTP requests to the our APIs are protected with HTTP Basic authentication (RFC 2617). In order to connect you have to provide your PayJinn Client Id and API Key at each request. At the request header, concatenate your client id as user name and your API key as password, separated by ":" and encode the result using Base64. After successful authentication, the server will confirm your API call with HTTP 200 OK.

REMARK: Our API is served only over HTTPS in order to ensure data security. Unencrypted HTTP protocol is not supported.
DEMO ACCOUNT: Below client id and api key can be used for development and testing purposes.
  • Client Id: TEST0001
  • API Key: 12345678

Error handling

PayJinn APIs return the standart HTTP return codes in order to signal an error condition.